Ground Floor Gallery is featuring my self-portraits and silkscreens on their 1st Dibs site.

My work can be viewed on ArtMobia.

My woven self-portraits are featured in the online show Portraits and Portraiture, presented by Front Room Gallery on Artsy.


My Paper Dolls series was featured in Open Doors / Open Studios, a group show organized by Priska Juschka at the Clemente Soto Velez Center. I was the guest of Linda Griggs.

So thrilled to have organized, with Alexandra Rutsch Brock and Beth Dary, another installment of Among Friends / Entre Amigos, the “zipper show” this spring at the Clemente Soto Velez Center, 107 Suffolk Street.. May 3–5, 8–12, 12 go 7 pm. The show consisted of 238 original works by individual artists all zipped together into one continuous, exuberant whole. Together we raised over $4,000 for the LES Girls Club.

with my amazing colleagues Alexandra Rutsch Brock and Beth Dary

with my amazing colleagues Alexandra Rutsch Brock and Beth Dary

I had work in the Wagmag benefit, May 22, 7 to 9 pm, Grace Exhibition Space, 182 Avenue C.

I donated a piece to Somewhere We Landed, the inaugural benefit for DRAWING ROOMS in Jersey City. The Grand Opening Reception is Saturday May 4, 4 to 7pm and the show runs through 5/11. Each work is for sale for $200. 926 Newark Ave # T107, Jersey City, NJ.

My work on panel was featured in a wonderful three-person show, Chameleon, at 490 Atlantic Gallery in downtown Brooklyn. March 9 through April 14. Curated by Jim Edwards, the show also features Sean Grandits and Betty Kord.



I had an Icon painting in the Members Invitational at Equity Gallery, December 5 through January 19. Juried by David Cohen and Fran O’Neill. The artists are: Nancy Baker, Geoffrey Detrani, Patricia Fabricant, Gordon Fearey, Ginny Howsam Friedman, Linda King Ferguson, Marilyn Kirsch, Esther Podemski, Anne Russinof, Jean Schwinberg, Toni Silber-Delerive, Christopher Stout, Ilene Sunshine, Roland Windecker, Si Yan Wong

Thrilled to announce that I curated my first show: Studio Mates, at Front Room Gallery, 48 Hester Street, LES. The show explored the creative dialogue between two artists sharing studio space. Other artists include Amy Hill, Mark Masyga and Christopher Lowry Johnson, Thomas Broadbent and Kelly Parr, Janice Caswell and Wendy Small, Alex Gingrow and Jessie Henson. December 5–January 6. There was a closing reception including “Studio Couples Therapy” with Dr. Lisa Levy SP, on January 6 from 3 to 6. Additional works by the artists can be seen in Studio Mates Online.


I’m honored to be featured in Etty Yaniv’s blog Art Spiel! “Patricia Fabricant — Weaving a Fluctuating Self”

One of my Icons was included in Civil Discourse which opened this November 10, at the Kibbee Gallery in Atlanta, GA, curated by Jaynie Crimmins. Civil Discourse creates a visual dialogue challenging us to move beyond the historical and current divisiveness of red state/blue state politics and the turmoil our country is presently experiencing. NYC and Atlanta artists, each pursuing a studio practice that connects in surprising ways, shift the present angry and finger-pointing discussions to one that finds common ground. Unbeknownst to these artists, the works they create are in conversation with each other.  Many works are not mirror images and their relationship to one another might not be immediately evident. Civil Discourse connects these artists through imagery, treatment of subject matter, materials, technique or concept and celebrates the collective dialogue discovered in their art.


My Venn diagrams series was featured in Shelf Life: History, Biography and Fame,  at the Institute Library in New Haven, CT, curated by Martha Willette Lewis. This show featured biographies from their historic collection of books, as well as art relating to specific people in history, portraits and self- portraits. Sept. 29 through December 30. We got some nice press in New Haven Arts, Daily Nutmeg and in the New Haven Independent!

I had a piece in a benefit for Planned Parenthood at M. David & Co, 56 Bogart St., in Bushwick, on December 21.

I discussed my work at Trans•cen•der on November 27 at 7 pm. Temporary Storage, 119 Ingraham, Bushwick. Hosted by Sharilyn Neidhardt, other presenters included Nancy Baker, Jacob Ouilette, Cibele Vieira, Lisa Levy, Mark Stockton and Cindy Stockton-Moore.

I had an abstract work in a group show at Arete Venue in Greenpoint. Opened Sept. 14 and continued through October 6. Curated by Fay Ku. 67 West Street.

One of my abstractions was included in RE: RE: Pattern, at La Bodega Gallery, 695 5th Avenue, in Park Slope. La Bodega Gallery is pleased to present "RE: RE: patterns", a group exhibition featuring artists who have aesthetically or conceptually incorporated patterns and/or repetition into their art practices. All artists in the exhibition work with patterns in a multitude ways, utilizing an array of techniques and mediums to create works that explore a myriad of subject matter. This exhibit focuses on stylistic varieties of repeating art elements that drive toward movement, harmony and unity. Opened September 7, 7 to 10, ran through Sept. 30. 

I participated in Paradice Palase's Summer Camp for Creatives. I gave a short talk about my work, along with some other artists, from 4 to 5 pm, on Saturday, Sept. 8. 1263 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn.

A few of my newest self-portraits, "Icons", were included in Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself, at the Cigar Factory in Long Island City. Curated by Krista Saunders Scenna and Carolina Peñafiel, this was a joyous, sprawling show in a magnificent space. Opens June 21 from 5 to 9 pm and runs through July 19.


One of my Icons was included in Flowers and Monsters at Temporary Storage Gallery at Brooklyn Fireproof. Curated by Meer Musa of Trans-cen-der Art Group. Show ran July 13–27.

Was so happy to be included in Getting Personal at SFA Projects. Curated by Sirikul Pattachote and featuring artists Elena ChestnykhPatricia Fabricantt, Anki KingMonique MantellSirikul PattachoteKamonchanok Phon-ngamHazel Lee SantinoPrang VejjajivaMelanie Vote. The group exhibition puts forward ten female artists whose artwork express deeply personal thoughts, emotional energies, and societal commentary. Through a variety of works the show examines the role and representation of women in contemporary society. Viewed as a whole, the exhibition exemplifies how various forms of art making allow for nonverbal communication on a deeply personal level, communications that are often more powerful or truthful than the verbal or the written. The works create a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork that is filtered through uniquely female experiences and perspectives, inviting viewers to question modern social and political landscapes. May 23 through June 17, at 131 Chrystie Street, NY. Interview with me on my work in the show:


Beyond thrilled with Among Friends, a group show I co-organized with Beth Dary and Alexandra Rutsch Brock. Inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg artwork "Hiccups", seen last summer in the "Among Friends" exhibition at the MoMA, AMONG FRIENDS reflects and responds to the strength and illumination we find through art, friendship and community. The show consisted of 132 pieces of 9 x 7" handmade paper, each worked on by a different artist, zipped together into one continuous, exuberant piece. Each individual work was for sale for $250 with 10% going to Planned Parenthood. We sold 95, raising over $3000 for PP! The installation was described as a group hug. It exceeded our wildest expectations.

wall 3.jpg

Really excited to report that On and On: Art Without End traveled to Beard Gallery at Wheaton College in winter 2018. Opened January 25 and ran through February 23. Curated by Elizabeth Keithline.

Was selected for Introductions at Trestle Gallery, a group show curated by Enrico Gomez. Opened January 19, 7–9 pm. 850 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn (Industry City). The show was up through 2/28.

I had a self-portrait in The Greatest Show on Earth, Sideshow Gallery's annual extravaganza. January 13 – March 25. 319 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg.

I had two gouaches in the Big Small Show at Drawing Rooms, in Jersey City, NJ. December 15 through February.


My work was included in the David&Schweitzer Contemporary Yellow Chair Holiday Extravaganza, opening December 15, in collaboration with trans-cen-der art group. Fun show!!!!

I participated in Central Booking's Holiday Salon Show, opened December 7. All work $500 and under.

I was happy to participate in Me, My Selfie, and I, a self-portrait show curated by Rick Krieger at the Hudson Guild Gallery. Opens October 2 from 6 to 7:30 and runs through November 18. 441 W. 26th Street.

I had a piece in FOTO BOOTH at 319W2 project space in Erie, PA. It's a bit of a departure — I wove a photo in with a gouache. 

I had a piece in Priority Mail, at Ground Floor Gallery in Park Slope. It's a mail art show and also a benefit for Arts Gowanus. Opens July 20, all work priced at $100, cash and carry!

I was delighted to be included in "For Shelley", a quirky show featuring women artists' interpretations of Shelley Duvall as 70s icon. Opening early July, 326 Gallery. 326 Seventh Ave NY, NY. Curated by Joseph A. Gross and Theresa Hioki. Other artists: Rachael Abrams, Tryn Collins, Ivy Haldeman, Aisling Hamrogue, Heather Morgan, Vanessa Navarrete, Emily North, Sarah Thibault, Janegila Wright

My Paper Dolls series are featured in FRACTURED UNION, at Brooklyn Fireproof. Curated by Etty Yaniv and Jaynie GIlman Crimmins. May 12, runs through the end of July. Featured Artists: Patricia Cazorla and Nancy Saleme, Nicholas Cueva Mike Estabrook, Patricia Fabricant, Nick Greenwald, Peter Gynd, Vandana Jain, Aaron Krach, Meryl Meisler, David Nakabayashi, Sharilyn Neidhardt, Michael Scoggins and Alex Gingrow, Fedele Spadafora, Cibele Vieira, Rhonda Wall

I had a self-portrait in Fight or Flight, at The Painting Center, 547 w 27. Opens June 22. "This exhibition is about the practice of making art during tumultuous times. Some artists express their personal responses to world events, while others intentionally ignore what is going on and make art that becomes a refuge from the turbulence surrounding them. Looking back to specific artists’ reactions to unsettled times, there are Picasso’s Guernica and Gerhard Richter’s cycle of paintings October 18, 1977. On the other hand, Matisse created his joyful collaged paper cutouts for his Jazz series during World War II in France, and Jackson Pollock’s poured paintings were created in the nineteen fifties during the McCarthy era. Creativity can feed off the inspiration of current events and/or a personal vision." Curated by Barbara Marks, Patricia Spergel Berman and Alix Bailey.

I was thrilled to participate in BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL, at Drawing Rooms, in Jersey City. I have a room full of recent self-portraits. The show opened March 10 and runs through April 8. Curated by Anne Trauben, the other artists are Andra Samelson, Anne Trauben, Ben Pranger, Cecile Chong, David French, Jill Scipione, Kathy Cantwell, and Thomas Lendvai. 

Four of my abstractions were included in IN THE DETAILS, at SEABA in Burlington, VT. Curated by Carleen Zimbalatti, the other artists are: David Ambrose, Emily Barletta, Mel Bernstine, Halsey Chait, Cathy Cone, Jonathan Cowan, Denise Driscoll, Lori Ellison, Jeanne Heifetz, Karen Henderson, Taney Roniger, Jessica Rosner, Gowri Savor, Lynda Schlosberg, Oriane Stender and Carleen Zimbalatti. January 6 through March 31. Catalog available.

I had a woven self-portrait "Love/Loss" in a fun show: POST-ROMANCE: ARTISTS VALENTINES, at the Renaissance Center in Erie, PA, February 11 through March 19. Curated by Larry Walczak.

One of my abstractions was included in RABBIT HOLE 2 at Sideshow Gallery. January 9 through Feb. 24. Sideshow Gallery, 319 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. 

I donated a silkscreen to the NASTY WOMEN NYC show, January 12–15 at the Knockdown Center in Maspeth, Queens. All proceeds benefitted Planned Parenthood, over 35K raised!

I once again participated in POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE. My piece sold within 15 minutes!


Two of my new gouaches were in THE WARMTH OF WINTER at the National Arts Club. December 19, 2016–January 7, 2017. Curated by Dee Shapiro.

Four new gouaches were included in THE BIG SMALL SHOW at Drawing Rooms in Jersey City, NJ. December 16 to February 18. Curated by Anne Trauben. 

I had a small painting in OPEN CALL II at Lorimoto Gallery in Ridgewood, NY.

I had a piece in the Open Source Gallery fundraiser.

Four new gouaches were included in THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS at the Geoffrey Young Gallery in Great Barrington, MA. Curated by Phil and Sue Knoll. November 5–26.

I contributed a piece to ArtHillary, a benefit for the Clinton campaign. October 17 at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, 529 West 20th Street, #6W. Organized and curated by Julian Jackson and Rene Lynch, the one-day event raised over $71,000 for the Clinton campaign.

I had two new paper dolls in Front Room Gallery's BALLOT SHOW. I really thought Hillary was going to win.

Really thrilled to have had three of my new gouaches included in REALITY IS WRONG, DREAMS ARE FOR REAL, at DSC Annex. 56 Bogart Street. Curated by Brian Morris and Phil and Sue Knoll. 

Participated in SEEKING SPACE: MAKING THE FUTURE at the newly inaugurated David&Schweitzer Contemporary, at 56 Bogart. Opened Sept. 30 in conjunction with the book launch of Making History Bushwick, which I had the pleasure of designing. Curated by Michael David and Julie Torres, the show was up through October 16.

One of my woodgrains was included in Brooklyn Oenology's 10th Anniversary show. Opened June 30. 209 Wythe Ave. Curated by Sonomi Kobayashi.

Had a piece in wagmag's annual invitational benefit, June 1, The Boiler, 7–9pm

Ethan Pettit included a new gouache in his spring salon show of gallery artists. Ethan Pettit Gallery, 10 8th Avenue, Brooklyn. Opened Saturday, March 12 and ran through July 2. 

I had a piece in THRU THE RABBIT HOLE at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg. 319 Bedford Avenue. Opened Saturday, January 9 and ran through April 10.

My work was featured in Main Window at 1 Main Street, in DUMBO. Opening reception February 4, up through early April. Curated by Beth Dary.


Two woodgrain pieces were included in LANDSCAPES at Temporary Storage, Brooklyn Fireproof, 119 Ingraham in Bushwick. Opening reception March 25, 6 to 10 pm. Show ran through April 22. Curated by Hazel Lee Santino.

My piece "Republican Candidate" from the Paper Dolls series was in BRIC's show UP FOR DEBATE. Opens Feb. 4, 6–9, runs through Feb. 28. It's a show of work commenting on the current political climate.

5 gouaches of mine were included in WONDERLAND at No. Six Depot in West Stockbridge, MA. Curated by Phil and Sue Knoll. Opens February 6, 4:30 to 6. Through March 1.

I participated again in Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge, this time at Sikkema Jenkins. January 29–31, 530 W 22nd.


I had a piece in Lorimoto's Holiday Salon Show. November 21–December 20. 16-23 Hancock St.
Ridgewood, NY 11385. Curated by Lori Kirkbride.

I had several large works in the wonderful ON & ON: ART WITHOUT END at Mark Miller Gallery. November 8 – December 6, 2015. The exhibition featured works that have no beginning, no middle and no end. Curator Elizabeth Keithline states “On & On artists make work about time as it moves on, but also the ‘electrical on’, in other words, ‘turned on’. The show is deliberately staged as a loopy, pulsing, loudly colored response to the dwindling daylight of November”. Artists include: Kim Bernard, Pati D'Amico, Ed Grant, Lynne Harlow, Tang-Wei Hsu, Nicole Laemmle, Stephen Mallon, Work/Play, Carol Salmanson, Sean Smuda, Anne Morgan Spalter, Margot Spindelman, Maxwell van Pelt, Bill Warren, Allan Wexler.

on and on1.jpg

I was thrilled to have been offered a solo show, FABRICANT GOUACHE at ROCA, in Nyack. Opened Sept. 12 and ran through October 17. Beautifully curated by Lynn Stein. Rockland Center for the Arts, 27 South Greenbush Road, West Nyack, NY. 

wall title.jpg

I was pleased to be included in a the 4-person show, CONTEXTUAL THREADS, at Wired Gallery in High Falls, NY. Wired Gallery, 11 Mohonk Rd., High Falls, NY. August 29 – September 27. Curated by Elisa Pritzker. Also with Mimi Czajka Graminski and Laura Moriarty.


A postcard sized piece of mine was included in YOU'VE GOT MAIL at Ground Floor Gallery, 343 5th Street, Park Slope, opening Wednesday, July 17, 6:00 to 8:30pm.

Participated in this group show: GONE FISHING. In conjunction with 315 Berry Street's Open Studio, A one day show, with terrific artwork by: Anne RussinofBruce PearsonBarbara FriedmanCarl FudgeCarla AurichCarol SalmansonChristopher QuirkCharles Yuen, , Elizabeth RileyEmily BergerJean BlackburnJeanne TremelJenny Lynn McNuttKaren SchifanoKatherine BradfordKerry LawLawrence SwanLeslie BowmanLori EllisonMegan FosterMelanie KozolMiki KatagiriMurhpy ChagnNade HaleyNancy BakerPatricia FabricantStacy GreeneWendy Small. Sunday June 14, 12–6 pm. 315 Berry Street, 5th floor. Studio of Dana Kane

I had a piece in LA GIOCONDA in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios. 23 Meadow Street, opening June 5, 6–9 pm. Up Friday 6pm through Sunday 6pm. Curated by Wilson Duggan and Julie McKim. Artists include: Albert SheltonAmanda Millet-SorsaB Thom StevensonBeata ChrzanowskaBrett WallaceCannon HerseyChristopher TandyClaudia ChaselingDaniel Djuro-GoiricelayaDavid PierceEhren ClodfelterElia BettaglioElizabeth MeggsEric LoPrestiFanny AlliéGeorge HornerGuy Nelson, Hazel Lee SantinoHeather Green,Jaynie CrimminsJon NewmanKelsey ShwetzKenneth BrowneKiki CarrilloKurt StegerLaura CharltonLinda Schmidt, Luan Gashi, Marcy RosenblatMargaret LanzettaMari RantanenMary Cooke CoshMeer Musa, Michele Hemsoth, Miguel LibarnesPatricia Fabricant, Patrick Farrar, Rachel Blackwell, Shingo Francis, Thomas Burr Dodd, Tif RobinetteWilson Duggan 

I was happy to be included in THRICE LEGENDARY at Centotto in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios. Opens May 29, 7–10 pm also Saturday June 6, 2–6 pm, 250 Moore Street, #108, Bushwick. Curated by Paul D'Agostino. A simposio exhibition for Bushwick Open Studios 2015. For Centotto's 8th BOS, Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens will be—like last year's Legend Anew and the prior year's Legend of Drafts—a rather studio-centric show featuring works by dozens of artists based hither and yon, alongside 'legendary' notes to send you nearby and beyond. In other words, it will consist of pieces by a broad array of Bushwick-familiar, if not exactly Bushwick-based, artists, as well as indications about where you can see more of their work. Factored within, as well, will be notes about conjectural exhibitions paying temporally humored homage to hallowed pasts. Featured artists: Fran O'Neill, John Descarfino, Jeff Feld, Dave Henderson, Julie Torres, Ellen Letcher, Jen Hitchings, Marcy Rosenblat, Jim Donahue, Richard Sigmund, Bob Seng, Todd Bienvenu, Lawrence Swan, Lori Ellison, Gordon Fearey, Jack Henry, Seth Mulvey, Eileen Weitzman, Luisa Caldwell, Patricia Fabricant, Paul Gagner, Maureen Drennan, Dave King, Dumitru Gorzo, Ben La Rocco, Cibele Vieira, Norman Jabaut, Paul Behnke, Anne Russinof, Enrico Gomez, Riad Miah, Dana James, Susan Mastrangelo, Barbara Friedman, Catalin Moldoveanu, George Gilliland, Michele Araujo, Adam Simon, Larry Greenberg, Jonathan Quinn

I had a piece in THE SELFIE SHOW at MoNA in Detroit.!selfie-show/c1ouh. Curated by Jef Bourgeau.

Had a piece in the 77th ANNUAL GUILD HALL ARTIST MEMBERS show, in East Hampton. May 2 – June 6, 2015. 

I was included in EYEWASH REDUX at Firework Gallery. Saturday, May 16–Sunday May 17. 146 Berry Street, Williamsburg, Bk. Exhibition hours: May 16, 1–9 PM, May 17, 1–4 PM. Curated by Larry Walczak. This May marks the 18th anniversary of Larry Walczak’s pioneering gallery "eyewash" in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood. Firework Gallery is commemorating his former gallery with an exhibition of eyewash artists who have gone on to much success. You can imagine what a grand reunion it will be to have a celebration for this beloved neighborhood gallery. A kind of "eyewash REDUX" if you will. Williamsburg has a great history of independent art projects and focusing on "eyewash" will be a way of celebrating our local art history. Artists include: Thomas Broadbent, David Brody, Ken Butler, Barbara Campisi, Patricia FabricantAmy HillChristopher JohnsonLinda Ganjian, Chambliss Giobbi, Linda Griggs, Komar & Melamid, David Kramer, Paul Kuhrman, Julian Lorber, Lisa LevyNorma Markley, Mark Masyga, Ellie Murphy, David Pierce, Bob Seng, Jim Torok, Jeanne Tremel, Ted Victoria

Had a piece in the WAGMAG benefit show/auction, May 21, 7 to 9 PM. At the Boiler, 191 N. 14th Street, Williamsburg, Bk.

I had a piece in MAKING HISTORY, a benefit for Arts in Bushwick. Show up at Storefront Ten Eyck, Bushwick. Opening reception April 19, closing reception/raffle May 10 4 to 8.

I showed new work in PAPER JAM at Schema Projects, 92 St. Nicholas Avenue, Bushwick. Opens April 3 and runs through May 3. Curated by Larry Walczak. Really thrilled about this show as it is somewhat of a departure for me. The work was created specifically for the show and has social/political content. Artists included in the exhibition: Phil Buehler, Thomas Broadbent, Pam Butler, Jane Dickson, Elise Engler, Eve Andre Laramee, Ellie Murphy, David Pierce, Aubrey Roemer, Jim Torok and Michael Waugh.


Participated in A WEEKEND AT THE OLD GEM, 695 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY. Opening Feb. 7, running through March 1. Bushwick Daily called me a "familiar Bushwick artist". 


Once again part of the posse at SIDESHOW NATION III: CIRCLE THE WAGONS, Sideshow Gallery, 319 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. January 4 – March 3rd, 2015. 

Had a postcard in POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, Luhring Augustine, NY, NY (benefit). January 30–February 3, 2015

For exhibitions prior to 2015 please see my CV.